Our Pediatric Allergy program provides a broad range of clinical and diagnostic services to infants, children, and adolescents, as well as some select adult patients, with acute and chronic allergic disorders.

These disorders include:

Our Pediatric Allergy clinic has been chosen in the past as the top clinic to serve allergic children in the state by the Children Medical Services (CMS) of the State of Florida. Our air cleaner program was sponsored by CMS and received citation by the state as an outstanding model for prevention of respiratory allergies.

The providers associated with our clinic in the past have published articles that cover most of the clinical disorders listed above.

We always work closely with the primary care physicians, after the work up, in order to provide thorough care for our patients with allergic disorders. The staff in our clinic take pride in treating the allergic child as a whole, rather than aiming only at the management of allergic symptoms. Providing education for our patients and their families regarding these allergic conditions is of utmost priority in our approach to care.

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